Wojciech Nowak and Aleem Hossain are the CTO and COO of Tectonic Interactive. On any given day at Tectonic HQ, you might find them hacking together code, masterminding the next iteration of the Tectonic Platform or analysing data from interactive TV events.

Session Description:
When 2 million people pick up their Android device to vote on The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent or The Voice Australia, the Tectonic platform counts and verifies those votes in real-time. When everybody at home presses the big, green ‘vote’ button, millions of TLS connections open at the same time. Get this wrong, and the infrastructure is likely to implode. Using cloud services in an ‘out-of-the-box’ way might sound like a good solution, but as Wojciech and Aleem will show, you’ll find yourself having a ‘brown trousers’ moment when it really matters on-the-night.

In this talk, Wojciech and Aleem will discuss the challenges of working with apps at-scale, give an overview of how they’ve solved them, and talk about working with Android app developers to ensure a good end-user experience. If they’re feeling really brave, we might even run a load test so that you can vote from one of the apps with millions of virtual users.

You don’t need any prerequisite skills skills or particular knowledge. You don’t even need to watch talent shows. This talk is for Android developers, and anybody who’s interested in solving the technical and business problems associated with interacting in real-time from apps with live TV shows.