François Blavoet & Syrine Trabelsi are both developers at Deezer, the music streaming service. François polishes pixels and tries to make them run faster. He has been dabbling in Android since the Gingerbread days and loves solving problems at the intersection of science, design and human behavior. Syrine is part of the user engagement team and works hard in order to make the overall music lovers experience smoother and more intuitive.

Session Description:
François & Syrine will take a glance at the Awareness API and apply it to music recommendations. We are all carrying tiny computers with lots of sensors. With them, we can do more than display content, we can also make these devices aware of the world around us, making them smarter.
One way to do this is to leverage the Google Awareness API in order to have rich features with minimal input from the user. It can trigger events when some conditions are put together: when you are close to a certain area, when you plug in headphones, when it is cold or sunny, etc. It can also be used to directly poll the sensors and get some information about the world around you. Using all these capacities to facilitate your life, your device will know what to do and when to do it, with or without your input (as configured by the user).

In this talk François & Syrine will show you how to improve your music experience and take it to the next stage.