In-app Billing

Neil Hutchison is an Android Developer most often found coding away at Novoda’s London office. When he is not working on exciting apps within, he loves to give back to the community by organising and hosting Londroid (the London Android meet up group), and advocating efficient and effective practices in software and in life. Session […]

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Realtime SurfaceView

Maarten Edgar has created many technically complex applications using all (yes, literally all) subsystems available in a mobile phone. This has led to having to become quite intimate with the workings and non-workings of Android’s SurfaceView, as professional apps have to run on a wide range of devices. This, in combination with work on his […]

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Mockito vs JMockit

David Hardy is a software craftsman at codecentric, and highly proficient with many programming languages, including (but not limited to); Java, Kotlin, Javascript, C#, C++, C, Objective C and Swift. Session Description: For years the industry standard of mocking on the JVM has been Mockito. Mockito is a wonderful library that really speeds up your […]

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RxJava by Example

Jolanda Verhoef is lead Android developer at Blendle. Her focus is mostly on architecture, using frameworks/libraries like RxJava, MVP, and Dagger 2 to improve code quality. Session Description: Being the awesome Android developer that you are, by now you have probably looked at some RxJava tutorials and tried to comprehend But how do you […]

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Create watchface

Eliza is an Android Developer at Pixplicity, member of WTM Thessaloniki, GDG Thessaloniki and droidcon Greece. Facilitator for the greek Study Jam android fundamental course of Udacity and Google in Greece. Student at the Faculty of Automation and Robotics Engineering in Thessaloniki. Her passion is to explore and play with new technologies and her tagline […]

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Maven library distribution

Jeroen Mols refocussed his master in Electrical engineering to become an Android developer. Starting off with highly technical prototypes for Wi-Fi connected products, he build his own file sharing platform (Wi-FileTransfer). One thing led to another and currently he drives the innovation for the official Philips Hue Android and iOS apps. Session Description: Thanks to […]

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Speed – The Illusionists

Carlos Mota is a strong believer that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. Working at WIT Software he has been developing several applications – currently you can find him working on the company RCSe applications for Android. Session Description: What’s our main complaint when we use an application? – Speed. We […]

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Accessibility for everyone

Filip Maelbrancke is an Android developer at AppFoundry in Belgium. Likes clean code, tests and finding out how to apply good practices to Android. Session Description: Making apps for every user means that you should take care to make your app “accessible”. But what does this mean for an Android developer? In this talk Filip […]

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Advanced Espresso

David Gonzalez is an Android Software Engineer at Help Scout and a Google Developer Expert for Android. Previously working at Novoda, he’s actively involved in the Android community, co-organises the London Android User Group and has been developing with the Android platform since 2009. Session Description: Reproducing user journeys and ensure that the interactions work […]

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Modular Android apps

Ronaldo Pace fell in love with Android since the HTC Dream (a.k.a. the G1); When he was working at an agency he had the chance to develop a few internal use libraries and even his very own image download and caching (before Picasso/Glide). After moving to Berlin and working at EyeEm Ronaldo got deeper into […]

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Proper project configuration

Oleksandr Tolstykh is a passionate Android Developer. Working at Sharewire as an Android developer he has developed various applications, from simple UI-pretty clients applications to complicated ad frameworks. Over more than 5 years in Android Industries he has tried a variety of different technologies and frameworks, but his favorite topics are continuous integration, testing, all […]

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