As an Android engineer, Filipe Mendes believes that every application should be as simple and as easy to use as possible. Filipe is a freelancer, founder, GDG organizer (Lisbon) and a former teacher of Java and Android courses in a media school. To add more, he is also, a Benfica supporter.

Session Description:
Good architecture is crucial for any software and Android apps are not different. A lot has been said about clean architectures but very few people explained how to evolve to it from a typical monolithic approach. In this talk Filipe will guide you through his journey on how he evolved from “mono to clean”.

More Info:
The session is going to be in a lecture format. Its technical level is Advanced. There are going to be code demonstrations on how to implement a solution. All that the attendees should know is how to develop an Android application and they should have previous knowledge of the retrofit library.