Paul Lammertsma found his way into mobile technologies through mobile device interaction and his need to scratch an itch for entrepreneurship. Co-founding Pixplicity in 2011, Paul has helped grow the company into a familiar name between Dutch app builders, with brands such as De Telegraaf, Consumentenbond and Mercedes-Benz. His passion for Android has always compelled him to keep up with the latest developments and share knowledge by contributing into the open-source and chairing the GDG The Dutch Android User Group.

Session Description:
Storing account information is a common challenge many app developers face, and is often tackled in tailored solutions. Isn’t there some strategy to store account credentials in a centralized place?

What about considerations for multiple accounts? Security concerns? And when should or could I synchronize data? Android offers a powerful—and underrated—account manager. Let’s explore the possibilities together and lay out an architecture for engineering an Android app based on accounts.