Xavier F. Gouchet has been developing on Android since 2009. He developed half a dozen of free and open source Android apps, most of which are still available on Github and the Google Play Store. In 2012, he joined a cloud-based file sharing company, and later on accepted a job as Android Architect at Deezer, while still giving punctual talks and classes in different French schools.

Session Description:
The idea of Aspect Oriented Programming has been around for 20 years. But even today, it’s seldom used in Android application development. AOP is a powerful tool and complement to OOP, to add to any Android Developer’s toolbox.

This session will start with an explanation of what AOP and aspects are, and what’s their use and misuse. Then Xavier will be showcasing an existing simple Android application. You’ll see how to update the gradle scripts and how to implement Aspects and use it in an existing code base.

The session will cover best practices, caveats and pitfalls. Furthermore, you will see the principles on real world examples that go further than the classical “Hello world” of Aspects. For instance, Xavier will explore things like managing transactions, implementing an Undo manager or even adding compile time checks.