e – Unubtanium Ticket



Product Description

Everything mentioned in the Platinum, PLUS – – We will book you a round trip flight as well as a room in the Hyatt hotel for Big Android BBQ Texas (Oct 21 & 22). – Big Android BBQ founder, Aaron Kasten, will meet you at the airport wearing a monocle and top hat holding a tablet displaying your name. He will then chauffeur you to the drive-thru restaurant of your choice before dropping you off at the Hyatt. There will be a special welcome package waiting for you in your hotel room. – During the BABBQ party at the end of the event, you get your own roped off table. Complete with candles, table cloth, real plates and silverware as well as a cooler filled with your favorite adult beverages. You also get a server to handle your every need. – A special extra comfortable seat in the main track as well as the Keynote. – As an added bonus, you will have golf cart driver to shuttle you between the hotel and conference center during the event along with many other exciting and exclusive opportunities. – You get the SWAG master Aaron Kasten’s personal SWAG box which includes highly sought after pins, towels, figurines and t-shirts from BABBQs past.