Oleksandr Tolstykh is a passionate Android Developer. Working at Sharewire as an Android developer he has developed various applications, from simple UI-pretty clients applications to complicated ad frameworks. Over more than 5 years in Android Industries he has tried a variety of different technologies and frameworks, but his favorite topics are continuous integration, testing, all kinds of optimisations and material design, of course.

Session Description:
Working at a multiproject company Oleksandr is experiencing boring and time-expensive project/environment configuration every time he starts developing a new project. He has tried a lot of different technologies and technics and now has a list of effective tools which help during project development from the beginning. Oleksandr has two different approaches for long term and short term projects, which can be combined depending on project goals, timelines, etc… For instance this list contains some of the core things about CI configuration, UI testing configuration, sharing rules and guidelines within a team, documentation, etc… Also some quality tools, which can be easily integrable, reusable, informative with minimum effort. Some of these tools can be added in the middle of the project development just to increase project quality, find hidden issue, analyse app performance, etc.