Filipe Barroso an Android developer and Google Developer Group Organizer. Started out as a freelancer, his first big gig was a mobile project business application for Portugal Telecom, then decided to accept a new challenge at Wingman to have the opportunity to work for clients such as Bayer, Brisa, and TAP. He is a “wannabe stand up comedian, failed yoga practitioner, knowledge hoarder, and a furious reader”.

Session Description:
As a developer Filipe was always challenged to do things as fast as possible, his clients demanded that, and he would only get the best clients because he programmed fast and delivered. With experience that changed. Development should be done in the right time, with thinking ahead and a correct struture. Nevertheless he found that doing programming “Quick and Dirty” has it’s advantages and that is what he will talk about. In this session Filipe will showcase tools and methods for developing fast without affecting code quality.