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Maven library distribution

University Room 16th August 2016 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

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Jeroen Mols

Thanks to Gradle, reusing other people’s code has never been easier. Sharing your code on the other hand is still a complex, poorly documented and challenging process. Which Maven repository should you release to: JCenter, MavenCentral or JitPack? Is there a way to just distribute within your company? What are the steps to setup all accounts and automate everything using Gradle? How do I ensure each version is unique and stays available forever.

The past year, Jeroen created a complete overview for library distribution, both to the entire community or just contained within your company. Besides some obvious solutions like JitPack, you’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of all alternatives. Jeroen will even show how you can use BitBucket/Github as a Maven repository! Gradle scripts will be provided and important aspects like security are taken into account.

Want to start distributing your own libraries? As an Android team lead and GitHub enthusiast, learn from Jeroen his experience in configuring both private and public distribution.