Carlos Mota is a strong believer that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. Working at WIT Software he has been developing several applications – currently you can find him working on the company RCSe applications for Android.

Session Description:
What’s our main complaint when we use an application?

– Speed.

We all expect speed and Carlos bets you also feel the urge to look for another application – or just to throw away against the nearest wall in despair – when the app you are using has a never ending spinner… that just doesn’t seem to go away. Google Play is full of similar solutions & apps so why should one bother to keep using the app which lacks speed..

Well, as Carlos will show, sometimes we can’t really make processes as fast as we want. There are always some constraints that we can’t really avoid – device limitations, network, server, etc. but we can create the illusion of speed – a visual aid to keep the user busy while, on the background, we are processing his action.